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The Geochron continues to be a symbol of quality precision engineering for more than fifty years.

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Geochron Contemporary Stainless Edition

The Geochron Kilburg with stainless panels.

The finish of the Stainless Steel Kilburg is a beautiful satin lustre. This model is identical to the others in terms of its size and how the gear driven clock is constructed. The Kilburg comes with the following features:

Geochron Contemporary Stainless Edition Features

01: Combination Mapsets

Your geopolitical maps turn into a topographical view from space, overnight. Learn more about mapsets

02: Premium Mapsets

Upgrade to a more brilliant and detailed premium map, showing the mountains of the deep ocean and more. Learn more about mapsets

03: Dura Drive

Every clock since 2016 has been built around the most durable Geochron drive system ever. Discover the Dura Drive

04: Dimmable LED Lighting

Adjust your clock’s lighting to the room by remote control with dimmable LED Bulbs, and add a Sunlit Analemma.

05: Explore Panels

Real Wood Hickory, or Polished Stainless? 17 different options to match your décor. See your custom build online by starting with our models.

06: Custom Built

With seven mapsets available, two lighting systems, and custom panel configurations, each clock is custom. Learn more

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