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What is a Geochron?

What is a Geochron?

The Original Geochron

Regardless of your location, a Geochron helps you to know the accurate time of any place throughout the world. Physically, the Geochron appears as a structured world map which is two by three feet in dimension.

The beautiful colourful map is driven slowly going from left to right, as a continuous belt, that is driven by a motor which is synchronised with the earth’s rotation.

Specifically, the Geochron illustrates:

• Greenwich Meantime
• Greenwich Apparent time
• Local Apparent time (12 or 24 hours)
• Legal time zones
• Sunset’s Moment
• Sunrise’s Moment
• The Meridian passage of the Sun
• The time equation of the Sun
• The latitude and longitude’s degree
• The Daylight’s Duration

Geochron Original Kilburg Vinyl Black std geo copy

Geochron As A Diplomatic Gift

Geochon 4k Atlas Digital

For more than four decades, the Geochron has been a world-class gadget which has been possessed by many business tycoons, diplomats, and in fact, used in the White House.

For instance, during Reagan’s era, a Geochron was given out from the office of the president as a gift to Gorbachev. You too can own one of these original Geochrons made to the same high standards as the original specifications.

Prestigous Installations

Geochron has built more than one hundred and thirty Geochron clocks for the Pentagon over the years.

Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised to see it in Patriot Games, the Hunt for Red October, the European Space Agency, NASA and many more. In most cases, Geochrons are usually fixed in conference rooms and beautiful homes.

Not only does a Geochron clock mark the time, but it also marks the seasons of the owners’ lives ….a stunning machine which displays the dance of the Sun and Earth in real time.

In most places where Geochrons are installed, people use it to tell the story of their lives. It tends to be a talking point where people will stop to look. 

FEMA Image

Your Geochron will be stripped down to the frame, and restored like new.

Is your Geochron slowing down, binding, or showing damage on the map? It’s a machine, Geochronand 300 moving parts do wear out over time. Some clocks never need a restoration, but it depends on the environment and how it’s been handled.

Restoration pricing is normally based on age – the older the clock, the more parts we need to replace, but also the condition. To check the age of your Geochron, look at the first 4 digits of the unit’s serial number. It is located on the back, towards the bottom of the Geochron in the middle. The first 4 digits represent the year and month the Geochron was manufactured (for example, a serial number 9702-34567 was built in February of 1997).

You will need to send your clock back to us for us to assess it and give you a free no obligation quotation for full repair and service.

The typical restoration timeline is three weeks. All refurbishments include a complete tear down of the unit, cleaning and greasing of all gears and moving components. New items included are the map, lights, shadows, and new motors… anything that is not perfect. We’re constantly improving on the original design to improve its lifespan – your rebuilt Geochron will actually be better than new. All parts and labour are included in our quoted price.

Should there be any issues, there is a 90 day, no questions asked warranty including all shipping costs. Warranty returns after 90 days do not include shipping the clock.

Do you have your original box?

You will need it. If not we can supply a box for you (link to Geochron Carton system)

Custom Upgrades with a rebuild

LED Lighting System Upgrade (included)

While your clock is being restored, we can add an LED Lighting System. It’s a significant improvement to the dazzling appearance of a Geochron. In addition to new maps and a complete restoration on all components, your Geochron can receive an LED Lighting System Upgrade which:

· Burn at least 3x longer than the standard fluorescent bulbs, as long as six years of continuous use.

· Use 60% less energy. The whole clock will run at just 14 watts.

· Extend the operational lifetime of your Geochron by years by not heating up the non-metal components inside the clock.

· Show deeper colours and greater depth in the map. LED elements have a greater visual frequency spectrum than Fluorescent bulbs.

The cost for this is £225 + vat in addition to your restoration work.

Our Trade-in Program

Trade in your old one for a 10% discount on any new Mechanical Geochron.

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