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A Masterpiece. A Timepiece.

The Geochron continues to be a symbol of quality precision engineering for more than fifty years and now in The Digital Age…

Geochron Craftmanship

A Masterpiece. A Timepiece.

The Geochron is symbolic of excellent engineering since 1964 and now it has moved into the digital age.

Ever since 2005 we have been making major improvements

The Geochron World Clock is the world’s only mechanical chronometer which simultaneously displays the current time along with the sun’s Event Horizon, in any place in the world.

Our process of making the world map uses high resolution lithography incorporating UV-Curable inks which are environmentally-friendly. These render the maps to make them resisatant to both scratching and ultraviolet light.

The machined components of the clocks are fabricated on screw machines and CNC to achieve exacting tolerances.

Over the decades we have built upon the original Geochron design of more than 50 years ago, improving both its internal design and appearance.

  • 2005 – The majority of mapsets are now printed using digital offset. This has a higher colour consistency and resolution in comparison to screen printed mapsets.
  • 2012 – The Geochron internal Map Motor plate underwent a major re-design.
  • 2012 – We introduced better quality and thicker plastics in the moving shadows sections. These created the Sunrise-Sunset line on the Geochron clock.
  • 2015 – An LED lighting system replaced the fluorescent lighting on the majority of the clocks. LED Lighting is far more energy efficient while also improving the map’s colour spectrum.
  • 2015 – The introduction of a new Topographical Mapset.
  • 2016 – The introduction of a new Ham Radio Mapset.
  • 2016 – The drivetrain of the clock was completely re-designed for better accuracy and durability. Using this Dura Drive technology, the most reliable Geochron ever was engineered.
  • 2016 – The introduction of the Sunlit Analemma, that shows a yellow “sun” which indicates the exact position of the sun during high noon between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.
  • 2017 – The introduction of Dimmable LED Lighting complete with remote control.
  • 2018 – The introduction of Premium Mapsets.
  • 2018 – The introduction of Geochron Digital 4k.
Geochron craftmanship

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