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The Geochron continues to be a symbol of quality precision engineering for more than fifty years and now in The Digital Age…

Restore Your Clock

Your Geochron will be stripped down to the frame, and restored like new.

Is your Geochron slowing down, binding, or showing damage on the map? It’s a machine, and 300 moving parts do wear out over time. Some clocks never need a restoration, but it depends on the environment and how it’s been handled.

Other owners simply want the sturdy Dura Drive technology, LED, or updated maps in their clock, but the same clock makers that build new Geochrons can also restore yours.

Restoration pricing is tiered based on age – the older the clock, the more parts we need to replace  To check the age of your Geochron, look at the first 4 digits of the unit’s serial number.  It is located on the back, towards the bottom of the Geochron in the middle. The first 4 digits represent the year and month the Geochron was manufactured (for example, a serial number 9702-34567 was built in February of 1997).

The typical restoration timeline is two to three weeks (shortest in the Spring). All refurbishments include a complete tear down of the unit, cleaning and greasing of all gears and moving components. New items included are the map, lights, shadows, and for units over 7 years new motors… anything that is not perfect.  We’re constantly improving on the original design to improve its lifespan – your rebuilt Geochron will actually be better than new.   All parts and labour are included in our quoted price.

Should there be any issues, there is a 90 day, no questions asked warranty including all shipping costs. Warranty returns after 90 days do not include shipping the clock.

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