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The story of the Geochron clock started back in 1964, and since then Geochron Clocks have graced the finest homes and businesses bringing a wonderful touch of elegance that cannot be equalled on a computer screen. Today 30,000+ clocks later, the Geochron has been updated to include better panel options, mapsets and magnetic drives offering the utmost in style and durability.
Geochron Clock Models


A Geochron Boardroom Edition with Hickory finish, Gold trim, and a Premium Geopolitical mapset

With all its options, the beautiful Boardroom states, “We own a Geochron.”
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Contemporary Model – Anodised

A Geochron Anodized, with Black finish, Silver trim, and a Premium Topographical mapset.

With a sleek aluminium finish, the Contemporary Model – Anodised is available in satin and black.

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Contemporary Models – Stainless Edition

A Stainless Geochron with Polished finish, Silver trim, and a Premium Combo mapset.

A very popular choice, the Stainless Geochron is so well polished that you could sell your mirror..
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Original Kilburg

A Geochron Kilburg Original, with a Black Goatskin panel, Silver trim, and a Topographical mapset.

For over 50 years, the Original Kilburg has been not only the best-seller but the most affordable mechanical option.
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Executive Wood Finish

A Geochron Real Wood Veneer, with a Walnut panel, Black trim, and a Premium Combo mapset.

Enjoy the lustre and depth of the Geochron custom wood panel that both matches and enhances your decor.
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Restored Clocks

A 3D rendered cut-away view of a Geochron clock, showing its internal mechanisms.

Get your Geochron restored with your chosen panel. The clock will be fully rebuilt.
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Specialty Clocks

Discover the Geochron models and find the perfect Geochron to suit you.