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The Geochron continues to be a symbol of quality precision engineering for more than fifty years and now in The Digital Age…

The Dura Drive System

With a series of popular changes and improvements since 1964 Geochron has really transformed into an industry top lighting brand. The most radical change that has happened to this brand over these years is the Dura Drive System. It is a recent hardware update that encompasses most of the operating parts of the Geochron.

The drive is fitted as standard in all clocks that were released from the factory (new and refurbished) since 2016. This drive train features a warranty period of 3 years.

Dura Drive Improvements:

  • The addition of a Dura Drive is indeed a radical change that has brought about a whole new level of reliability to the Geochron family.
  • The rebuilding of drive train has led to the increase in the guarantee period from 1 year to 3 years, meaning more assurance of top class effectiveness.
  • As part of the improvements, the clock movements now features a whole new level of digital accuracy and a reduction in the rate of power consumed by up to 30%.
  • The old AC Synchrotron motors that were difficult to find were taken out and a new model was introduced.
  • Compatible with the new remote controlled LED lighting systems.
Geochron Dura Drive System

The Background Story

2016 started like any other year, with minor changes and upgrades here and there, until November when Geochron featured the most radical change to ever have happened to it. It was a change that got the electrical world dazed.

Prior to the November 2016 revolution, Geochrons were custom driven by two AC Synchrotron motors. Delicate custom gearboxes were used to push components like mapset, calendar bends, minute dial and sunshades in a synchronised manner. The new technology is durable and offers increased movement efficiency, although it caused the AC Synchrotrons to become scarce, in the quantity needed by our shop. The same year saw the motor being phased off by our key supplier, because of the retirement of an employee who was key in building it.

However luckily a Geochron owner who was an engineer stepped in to help the team update the drive train. This resulted in the new digital mechanism that drives the magnetic motors and is of the most reliable engineering at Geochron so far.

Geochron Dura Drive System tweezers
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