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Earthquake and Volcano Premium Layer

Not everything on the Geochron is moving quickly. Continents inch away from each other slowly at just inches per year, but when they do – it can be dramatic for those living nearby. Dozens of times per day, earthquakes pummel the deep reaches of our planet, and eventually herald violent volcanic eruptions.

Geochron’s Earthquake Layer is only available for Version 2 and Atlas models, and the included Volcano Layer is only available for Atlas models.

This can only be accessed once you have purchased your Geochron Digital.

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Earthquake and Volcano Premium Layer Features

01: Read the Details

Details of all earthquakes are shown within their circle, but all details for up to the last 14 (M4.0+) earthquakes can be found in the Earthquake Table on the main map screen.

02: Eents Fade for Clarity

Since earthquakes often overlap themselves, newest earthquakes are placed on top of older earthquakes which fade to the rear. All earthquakes disappear after five days. Use the sliders in the menu to adjust your “fade-out” preference.

03: On the Map in 15 Minutes

With data coming from the US Geological Survey and her international affiliates, our orchestration servers send data to online Geochron Atlases within 15 minutes of receiving seismic movements.

04: Seismic Events Large and Small

Earthquakes greater than M1.0 are reported with North America, and greater than around M4.0+ in international regions. Geological reporting agencies beyond the United States may not have the same sensor coverage, or may omit small seismic events.

Geochron’s Earthquake Layer has a five day free trial enabled in the Menu of your Geochron Atlas. This is a premium layer.

Monthly: $6.99
Annually: $69.99

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