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A Timepiece. A Masterpiece.

The Geochron continues to the Gold Standard for any ham shack.

Geochron Ham Radio Edition

The Geochron is the one and only mechanical clock which displays, in real time, the Grey line. The Geochron Ham Radio Edition has undergone an update that includes detailed luminous maps which are visually beautiful and the richest ever seen since 1964 in a Geochron clock.

Before the 90’s and the era of the internet, you can only find where the Grey line falls with a Geochron. Presently, both mechanically and graphically, Geochron has introduced an upgraded version of its Standard Geochron edition that originally became available in 1964.

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Combination Mapsets

Over night, the geopolitical maps are designed to switch into a topographical view from space. Learn more about mapsets…

Premium Mapsets

The Premium map is a more advanced, detailed, and informative map which displays mountains, oceans, and much more.  Learn more here..

Dura Drive

Since 2016, all clocks have been assembled based on the more resilient Geochron drive system. Learn more…

Dimmable LED Lighting

Set your clock’s illumination using a remote control with dimmable LED Bulbs, including a Sunlit Analemma. Learn more…

Explore Panels

There are 17 different selections to match your décor such as Real Wood Hickory, Polished Stainless and many more. Check your custom build online beginning with our models.

Custom Built

Every clock is customised with seven different mapsets, custom panel configurations, and two lighting systems.  Learn more…

Specifically, for Ham radio use, the Geochron Ham Radio Edition is designed with some unique features such as:

  • Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL): this kind of Geochron clock operates with only CFL lighting system, which is a little softer in look than the standard LED lighting system that releases a measurable QRM at 7mhz.
  • Premium Quality Mapset: In the development of Geochron clocks, for the first time, the use of a unique photographic print process (Lambda) to develop a six foot long Mapset is implemented.
  • Specifically, for backlit photographic media, this analogical process is designed to enhance the colour appearance so as to be better than the customary offset print process.
  • DX and International Prefixes: there has been an addition of country codes and prefixes to the time zones found on other Geochron clocks on the mapset’s front in resplendent white. The time zones are always indicated in Grey colour.
  • The Mapset is also included with:

*The Greyline against a Mercator projection

*The main topographical features

*The equatorial, longitude & latitude, and tropic points of reference

*The Analemma which displays the sun’s location at relative noon.

*The hour, day, and month on earth with the inclusion of Zulu time.


DX Ham Geochron


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Do you need a replacement Geochron Ham Radio Mapset?

Perhaps, you have a Geochron clock already but wish to own the new Ham Radio Mapset. See here, it’ssix feet in length (video)!

Design your own Geochron Ham Radio