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Topic: Geochron Digital burn-in?

Short Answer:

We are often asked if the Geochron Digital 4k presents a burn-in problem for displays. The short answer is, no. 95% of the screen is moving 24/7 with the rotation of the Earth, and 4k LED displays don’t have a burn-in problem like old Plasma TV’s did.

Deeper Dive:

Plasma and LCD displays have a reputation for burn-in, but most 4k displays are LED now – and if you don’t use a 4k display you’ll miss most of the details in our Geochron Digital. LED displays are far more resistant to a burn-in problem because they use diodes, not crystals, to generate the display. All of our 4k screens here at Geochron are LED, and we’ve never experienced a burn-in problem, nor have we received complaints from customers (as of 09/11/2018). For more information about burn-in in Plasma and LCD displays, here’s a good article.

Also, the display of the Geochron Digital 4k is mostly a moving map. The only items that are in a fixed position (that could create a burn in issue for older Plasma and LCD displays) are the Time Band at the top, the Date, and the Geochron Logo.