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Support Documents

How to Reset or Set Your Geochron

Sometimes the Geochron’s power may have gone out, or it has been a couple of years since you last set it. This guide will assist you to set and synchronise your Geochron again.
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Mounting Diagrams

Diagram for Surface Mounting

This is a standard mounting bracket for all Geochron mechanical clocks which comes with every new unit. This bracket is to be able to place the clock both on and also against a wall.
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Diagram for Flush Mounting

If you wish to mount the Geochron inside a wall, then this mounting bracket is what you need. It also comes with every new Geochron Boardrooom Model.
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Replacing the Geochron’s Mapset

If you need to replace the map, partial dis-assembly of your clock is necessary. The map is six feet in length.

Read this helpful guide.

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Legacy Lighting Trouble Shooting Guide

It is possible to replace three parts of the Geochron’s lighting system. These parts are:

  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Ballasts
  • ¬†Starters
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