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A Masterpiece. A Timepiece.

Meticulously handcrafted, the Geochron is a rare fusion of art and science, and the only mechanical geographic chronometer ever made

Contemporary Models – Stainless

The Geochron Kilburg with Stainless Panels

The finish of the Kilburg ranges from a beautiful satin lustre to a final finish that is so reflective that you could use the clock as a mirror. This results from the fact that the Kilburg’s Stainless panels are polished as much as eight times creating the perfect frame. This model is identical to the others in terms of its size and how the gear driven clock is constructed.

It differs because it is five times heavier than the other models due to the panel’s weight. The Kilburg comes with the following features:

As displayed in this gallery below, the vinyl panel clock can be supplied in:

  • Stainless Brushed Finish
  • Stainless Polished Finish


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Create your own Geochron with Brushed Stainless Panels


Create your own Geochron with Polished Stainless Panels

Custom Built

Every clock is customised with seven different mapsets, custom panel configurations, and two lighting systems.  Learn more…

Explore Panels

There are 17 different selections to match your décor such as Real Wood Hickory, Polished Stainless and many more. Check your custom build online beginning with our models.

Dimmable LED Lighting

Set your clock’s illumination using a remote control with dimmable LED Bulbs, including a Sunlit Analemma. Learn more…

Dura Drive

Since 2016, all clocks have been assembled based on the more resilient Geochron drive system. Learn more…

Premium Mapsets

The Premium map is a more advanced, detailed, and informative map which displays mountains, oceans, and much more.  Learn more here..

Combination Mapsets

Over night, the geopolitical maps are designed to switch into a topographical view from space. Learn more about mapsets…

Brushed Stainless with Silver Trim
Polished Stainless with Silver Trim
Polished Stainless corner
Brushed Stainless installed
Brushed Stainless corner


Create your own Geochron with Brushed Stainless Panels


Create your own Geochron with Polished Stainless Panels

Guarantee Information

Rebuild Guarantee Information

Guarantee Terms for new clocks and rebuilds: – Three years on motors and gears (all clocks after 2016 – One year for all else). Shipping paid for by customer.