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What is a Geochron?

The Original Geochron

Regardless of your location, a Geochron helps you to know the accurate time of any place throughout the world. Physically, the Geochron appears as a structured world map which is two by three feet in dimension.

The beautiful colourful map is driven slowly going from left to right, as a continuous belt, that is driven by a motor which is synchronised with the earth’s rotation.

Specifically, the Geochron illustrates:

• Greenwich Meantime
• Greenwich Apparent time
• Local Apparent time (12 or 24 hours)
• Legal time zones
• Sunset’s Moment
• Sunrise’s Moment
• The Meridian passage of the Sun
• The time equation of the Sun
• The latitude and longitude’s degree
• The Daylight’s Duration

Geochron As A Diplomatic Gift

For more than four decades, the Geochron has been a world-class gadget which has been possessed by many business tycoons, diplomats, and in fact, used in the White House. For instance, during Reagan’s era, a Geochron was given out from the office of the president as a gift to Gorbachev. You too can own one of these original Geochrons made to the same high standards as the original specifications.

Here you can read more about the precise precision craftsmanship.

Prestigous Installations

The FEMA Situation Room.

Geochron has built more than one hundred and thirty Geochron clocks for the Pentagon over the years. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised to see it in Patriot Games, the Hunt for Red October, the European Space Agency, NASA and many more. In most cases, Geochrons are usually fixed in conference rooms and beautiful homes.

Not only does a Geochron clock mark the time, but it also marks the seasons of the owners’ lives ….a stunning machine which displays the dance of the Sun and Earth in real time.

In most places where Geochrons are installed, people use it to tell the story of their lives. It tends to be a talking point where people will stop to look. See how it is done below!

Since 1964, the Geochron has been a staple of General’s offices, with over 120 installations in the Pentagon alone. Today you’ll find Geochron in the White House Watch Room, Reagan and Ford Presidential Libraries. When President Ronald Reagan’s Geochron was built, the FBI sent two agents to supervise the construction in the California shop. Over the three days, they bring the clock assemblies to their hotel room to keep it secure.


The Watch Floor of the White House Situation Room, to the left of the window.
The European Space Agency Control Room, during the Rosetta comet mission. See it?
A good example of a recessed-mount Geochron.
Steve Harvey's Geochron.
A recessed real wood panel.
Office reception area in Barcelona, Spain.
After 50 years, yes we have old pictures. President Ford.
A beautiful house in Tennessee.
Part of the set on NCIS's MTAC room.
The CIA office in "Salt".
A promo shot of James Earl Jones during the filming of the Hunt for Red October showing a Geochron.
Amateur Radio Station set up
A good example of a flush mounted Geochron.

Part of the Dura Drive System.

Two Geochron Models

Essentially Geochron has two different models which are the The Boardroom and thr Original Kilburg. While the functionality is the same for both models, there are some different features.

The maps run the same way, as do the seasons changes, and both have a minute analogue dial located in the clock’s top right hand corner, on its front panel. Time keeping is more accurate because of this dial, as the exact minute after each hour is displayed in unison with the clock’s map.

Aesthetically there are some significant differences. With the Original Kilburg upgrade panels are a feature that are available.These are aside from the 7 vinyls which are available at the entry level price.

These upgrades include:

Natural wood veneers

Anodised aluminium

Stainless steel

The Boardoom model features a special type of cove moudling which comes on the natural wood front panel.

Since November 2016, the Dura Drive system.has been intergrated in all models.