); UA-72358753-2

Geochron Digital vs. Mechanical

In its default mode, the Digital 4k UHD has been designed to appear precisely the same as a mechanical Geochron. However the 4k’s digital programming means that there are many more options included, that a mechanical Geochron clock doesn’t have.

See the chart below.

Digital and Mechanical Comparison Chart

Embedded Display Features Digital Mechanical
High Speed Demonstration Yes No
Multiple mapsets on demand Yes No
Human Lights at Night Yes, dimmable No
Customized Location Pins Yes, 8 No, 0
Scalable Screen Size Yes, 16:9 in 1080 to 4k. No, fixed size.
Sunrise-Sunset Terminator Line Yes Yes
Analemma Yes Yes
Selectable Time Zones Yes No
International Dateline Yes Yes
Digital Time Display (date:hr:min:sec) Yes No
Digital Accuracy Yes No
Minute Dial No Yes
Support Features (with internet) Digital Mechanical
Lifetime map updates Yes No, it’s fixed.
Automatic Time, Date, and map position Yes No
Portable Yes Not really.
International Space Station Location Yes No