4k update changelog


Update your Geochron 4k in the Menu / System / [Download System Update]  vl.X


  1. World wide CO pollution on layer:  Adding to our existing layers of Earth at Night, Shipping, and Air,  now you can see the current of C02 pollution across the world.  One look, and you’ll see there is a dumpster fire* in China.  
  2. Location Text Tags:  Using our new on screen keyboard with the remote, you can add tags to each location pin.  Names, call signs… up to 24 characters.
  3. Time and date: Set local times on the fly without digging into the system interface.  Time readout also includes a UTC option, and by major city.
  4. Internal Keyboard: Using the remote, you can now operate all features of the Geochron Digital, and enable an on-screen keyboard for wifi password set up, and location text tags.  You don’t need that mini mouse anymore!
  5. Map Update: The Ham Radio map has been updated to  show Kosovo, and a few other minor updates.
  6. Email notification prompt: On the first time you boot the Geochron Digital with internet applied, you’ll be asked for an email for update notifications (like this one) – but only once.  Since more of our GD’s are being sold through distributors, we needed a way to get user’s email for update notifications.  If we already have your email, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  7. Credits and Sources:  Under Menu / System, see credits and data sources for our maps and layers, as well as Geochron’s EULA.

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